Sunday, January 19, 2014

Let the Snowflakes Fly!!!

Ok ... so I took the idea of "flying snowflakes" rather literally this week when I added some wings to my focal snowflake for this piece.  We have seen quite a few snowflakes lately in the NC mountains.  It feels like the wind has added extra sets of wings to them these days.  So, here is my attempt to celebrate (rather that complain about) the beauty of the flying frozen flakes.

Here is the completed project.  I think the swirls look a little too much like horns (even though I really meant them to be eddies of air currents behind the fast moving snowflake). 

I've just finished our first week of classes at the university and I'm pretty tired.  I really didn't feel up to spending time in my craft room, so I packed up my Distress Markers and waterbrushes and left them beside my bed.  I love snow and I have several snowflake stamps. One evening, I stamped some watercolor paper with these snowflakes and added some Prima swirl and wing stamps.  I spent some time before I crashed each night to add some color with  Distress Markers (just love these!!!) along with a few  glitter, archival and gel pens (the focal snowflake was outlined with a metallic silver gel pen.) I'm finding ways to create that don't require hours in my craft room.  Ah ... joy!

 Here are a few more close ups:


I have the day off from work tomorrow.  Hopefully I will have some energy to expend in my craft room and make the rounds to your blogs.  Wishing you all the best!  -- Mary Elizabeth


butterfly said...

Gorgeous, Mary Elizabeth... the colours of all those snowflakes in the background are so beautiful, as is the night sky behind them. The main snowflake looks fabulous with its wings - and I get the "speed" flourishes - it's coming out of the page to get me!!

Hope you'll feel well enough for some crafty time tomorrow.
Alison xx

barbarayaya62 said...

Mary I'm happy to read you! I also really like the snowflakes and I have a lot of stamps with this subject! Your snowflakes are absolutely beautiful, I love the color palette of blue / purple that you used and the white lines around create a great movement! A great work! BArbarayaya

Dagmar said...

Oh Mary, it´s so beautiful - i love snowflakes and yours are absolutely fantastic!
Great artwork!!!!

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

Wow!!!! this is really gorgeous Mary Elizabeth!! I just love the colors you combined for this project, rich and beautiful!! xo

Anita Houston said...

Now that's a snowflake!!! How fantasially fantastic! I love the color too! Hope you are feeling better dear!!!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Gorgeous, lovely striking colour palette and I love the snowflakes. Great piece of art. Tracy x

die amelie said...

When seeing your lovely self propelling snowflake for the first time, I thought of a beautiful snowflake-moth with large tentacles. Your lovely swirls do not look like horns at all - at least they don't to me.

Moths often have these large tentacles and often have a pale colour and look like enchanted creatures flying by the light of the moon (did I mention that I love moths, bugs and such ? ;) your picture looks to me like you have captured one of these fairy tale creatures in flight. LOVE IT!

Thank you for all your kind words on my blog! It's great to know that someone else sees the same things in my makes as I do. It makes me feel understood. So again: thank you :))

Claudia x

Astrid Maclean said...

I stumbled upon your blog by sheer chance and I am so glad I did! This wonderful snowflake piece is simply amazing! So creative and full of life and energy, it really spoke to me! Stunning colours too!

Absolutely love your Tim December tag too!!

sara j said...

The color and depth are incredibly attractive to me. And the way the snowflake sparkles....mmmmm. SO happy to have found your website.