Sunday, May 18, 2014

Packed and Ready to Depart

No crafting today.  Just a note to let your know I'll be out of service for a couple of weeks. If you aren't interested in hearing a little more about my Chiari Malformation  health journey come back tomorrow for my latest an last craft post for awhile.  

 My mom and I are getting ready to board our plane to NewYork.  Note the bags and Starbucks.  Taking a little bit of this crafting world with me.  I will be having surgery on Tuesday at 8 am. The surgery will be approximately 7 hrs long.   I'm literally having my head screwed on right:). I have secondary condition that makes my skull unstable on my neck. It isn't being supported well so my brain, brain stem, and spinal cord  are being compressed. It's affected my vision, ability to swallow, and muscles on left side of my body. Fun times. When I get finished with this surgery,my neck X-ray will look like my neurosurgeon's best steampunk project.

As I said before, I'll post my latest project tomorrow. Wishing you all well and will try to give you an update some time soon. By the way, I have packed my distress markers.  I have to be in ny for at least 10 days. I think crafting is the best therapy!  Don't you agree?  --  Mary Elizabeth


Redanne said...

Hope all goes well for you!

die amelie said...

I wish you all the very very best, Mary Elizabeth!

Looking forward to see you returning to your crafting desk at full speed and well again!

Big hug and wishes,
Claudia xxx

Paper Profusion said...

I'll be thinking of you Mary Elizabeth. Good luck on Tuesday. May it all go as well as can be and hoping you have a speedy recovery. Nicola x

butterfly said...

Will be thinking of you on Tuesday, Mary Elizabeth - it sounds terrifying. I wish all good things for a smooth operation, successful outcome and swift recovery. And yes... crafting therapy aplenty.

Safe travelling (with your lovely Tim Holtz bags), and much love,
Alison xx

barbarayaya62 said...

My dear friend what you have before you is really a hard test! But I know that with your force will overcome this period ! I will pray for you and I will think of you! I hope with all my heart to resent soon with good news! In the meantime, I send you a hug so big that you should be able to hear it despite the distance between us!BArbarayaya