Sunday, August 7, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 - Day 1 Tags

Hi everyone!  It has been a busy week with friends and family and travel and work and ... Creative Chemistry 103!!!!d  Yippeeeeeee!!!  I got a late start with class this week due to a short vacation trip with family and friends.  Since I returned, I have been scribbling, stenciling, smudging, finger painting, spraying and all other manner of creative "ings".  What fun!  I'm going to do three quick posts that show you some of my technique tags for Days 1 -3.   I will post Days 4-6 as soon as possible.  Then I plan work on some projects this week incorporating several of these techniques.  I foresee calluses on my fingers by the end of the week.  Oh ... but I love this!!!

So now ... off to the land of creativity with my Day 1 tags.  I can honestly say that I wasn't all that thrilled with some of what I created here.  I still need some practice.  But there are are some incredile techniques to explore from Day 1

  • Distress DIY Ombré Technique

  • Distress Highlight Stamping Technique

  • Distress Washed Watercolor Technique




    • Distress Micro-Glaze Resist Technique
One last look at them all and I am off to post Day 2!  Back soon -- Mary Elizabeth.


Sara Barker said...

Wow! I'm so jealous! You are learning so much and putting it into practice for us to enjoy! Love your tags; I think my favorite of this bunch is the one with the gears, although those leaves are pretty freaking fantastic, too! You go, girl! Hugs!

Brenda Brown said...

Love your gorgeous designs and colours, you really have been going great guns getting so many tags done, love them all xxx

butterfly said...

I've just been having a browse through all your CCIII posts - what a fabulous array of results from Tim's inspiration videos. I have it all saved to play with one day in the future when I have some time at the craft table again (sigh!) - but it's so lovely to see the fun people have been having with it all!
Alison x