Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 - Day 5 (Final Technique Tags)

Oooooooo!  Day 5 was so much fun.  I really did not realize how versatile alcohol inks are.  Also ... I must admit that I looked at some of Tim's technique tags and videos before trying my own and said to myself "I can't do this!  I'm going to make an ugly mess of this."  And I must admit, when you first start off with some of these techniques ... it does look a bit of a disaster.  But keep at it.  You get the feel for these techniques pretty fast.  You may have to use up some paper to get there ... but you can do this.  I love these techniques!!  So ... on to Day 5!

Alcohol Ink Stamped Resist on Yupo Technique -- I played with several color combinations.  Honestly Yupo is amazing!  I will be purchasing vast quantities of this substrate.  Of course I have no money since I've spent my allowance and more on supplies for CC103.  I'm hoarding the rest of the Yupo stash for special projects.  Anyway, I adore this Americana color blend with the ghosted stars.

Alcohol Ink Faded Layers on Yupo Technique -- Love this  ... going to enjoy this playing with this more.

Alcohol Ink Faded Texture on Yupo Technique -- This is so in my wheel house.  What a great technique that lends itself so well to the vintage, grunge look.  Ready to use this on a card for a good friend of mine who is recovering from an almost fatal heart attack.

Alcohol Ink Painting on Yupo Technique:  My mother has already claimed this.  I swear ... I thought this was going to be a disaster.  I'm amazed how well it turned out.

Alcohol Ink Fluid Landscapes on Yupo Technique:  Ok this is the one that scared me.  I seriously thought I would just make a slight attempt at  it and go on.  But oh ... what fantastical worlds of imagery this technique opens up.  I've entitled this piece "Craters in Outer Space"

Alcohol Ink Splattered Floral Technique  So lovely!

 What fun!!!!  I honestly feel like an artist.  Mary Elizabeth


Hetty said...

Wow, such wonderful tags!

Brenda Brown said...

Oh my Mary Elizabeth each one of these brings a fresh and creative feel and huge excitement to playing with Tim's new techniques. I love each of your tags but your sunflowers are just amazing. Congrats on your superb 103 homework you did a magnificent job. Xxx

Mimi said...

Yes, you are an artist! These look awesome! Thanks for the inspiration to join the class!

A Pink said...

Fantastic tags! Mary Elizabeth. Love them all x

Dawn Meade said...

All of your tags turned out great! A little tag envy here.

Sara Barker said...

Mary Elizabeth, YOU ARE AN ARTIST!!! And it's not just because of these I say that! Your work is always so inspiring! As for these tags, I can see why your Mom claimed that sunflower tag--it is so beautiful! But my grungy heart loves the gears, and my art appreciation side loves the Americana stars! Wow! What stunning creations--you are one A++++ student! Hugs!

Karen D. said...

fantastic looking them!!!